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Product Name: wire harness

Product model: xs-006

Detailed description: electronic single line, double end

The wire harness of Xinya or the same quality shall be used, and the plastic case of terminal shall be Hongxing or Xingtong;

Has more than 10 sets of automation equipment, 5 professional and technical personnel;

Have constant temperature and humidity storage warehouse;

It has connector, harness laboratory and complete testing equipment.

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meters, household appliances and other power or signal transmission equipment


Network optimization information:

Some people may misunderstand the meaning of smart card connector kz-b02, and think that PATA should be more multiplex than SATA, but it is not, because the single data channel of SATA does not limit the rate and frequency as PATA. Compared with PATA, the transmission speed of SATA coaxial cable is nearly 30 times faster. On the mobile phone, PATA should ensure the transmission of 16 data signals at a time, assuming that the data signal does not arrive immediately or has a delay time, then the wrong data information will follow. In addition, there is another development of SATA, that is, its data and information connection. The simple SIM card socket connector has small volume, strong heat removal, and it is very convenient to connect the computer hard disk. Compared with PATA, the performance loss of SATA is smaller, which is good news for notebook computers. In addition, the extremely fast speed of CRC makes data transmission more secure. The contact of SATA connector has good reliability. It is still worth noting after 2 hours of inserting with computer hard disk at 10 times speed. Moreover, it has good heat resistance and flatness. When the weldment is infiltrated into the furnace at 260 ± 5 ℃ for 5 seconds, the tin loading rate is 99%.




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