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What is the function of the self play nano SIM card connector?

2020-12-06 22:02:34

In use, what can be displayed is a basic requirement of everyone and the most reasonable element.

There are also constant related needs. Can hinge SIM card holder has become a technology that we have always trusted, but also a good form of expression, double SIM card big card holder has become a favorite payment standard. So it has been widely praised.

The external characteristics of SIM card holders are card type (commonly known as large card) SIM card and embedded (commonly known as small card) SIM card. The SIM card connects the logic circuit and the mobile terminal through the copper interface on the card surface. The SIM card chip has 8 contacts, and generally needs 6 contacts to connect the mobile device. SIM card is a chip card with microprocessor. There are five modules in it.

The main requirement of SIM card replacement course is to remove the mobile phone. Select the right cross, remove the SIM card connector with the hot air gun and remember the position of the screw. Also, when opening, gently remove and then remove the card from the slot. If the mobile phone is not a smart phone, but a flip phone, then you don't need to take it all off, just take off the part below.

The next step is welding. The welding method is to use the prepared iron to move it to the contact point in the chute. In fact, all the contacts in the production slot are inseparable from the metal shell. This time, the demand will open up where both ends have been fixed. At this point, you will see six solder joints. Perhaps, we can choose the combination of electric soldering iron and tweezers to weld the inseparable parts and separate the motherboard bit by bit. Then, replace the prepared manuscript with the damaged one.

Another way to avoid welding is to use an air gun. However, it is necessary to master the temperature when replacing the holder with an air gun. Otherwise, if you don't care, it is very likely that even some other parts of the motherboard will be counted as broken, causing small losses and large losses.

简述自弹Nano SIM卡座的功能是什么?


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