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Network optimization information:

The SATA hard disk interface has faster transmission rate of external interface, and then the data information checking countermeasures are more perfect. SATA hard disk interface is a connecting component between hard disk and software system. Its efficiency depends on the data transmission between hard disk cache file and server running memory. The connection speed of the electronic computer is related to the SATA hard disk interface. Because different SATA hard disk interfaces can determine the connection speed between hard disk and computer, the quality of hard disk interface will immediately endanger the program execution speed and system software characteristics in all system software.

From the point of view of each household, the hard disk interface is IDE and SATA, and the card holder in mobile phone SIM has its own advantages and characteristics. Customers must choose according to their own conditions. IDE interface hard disk and computer motherboard interface IDE interface hard disk are generally parallel specification PATA hard disk. At present, most desktop all-in-one distributed storage products are parallel system bus interface hard disk, called ultra ATA.



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