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What kind of iterative process has the SIM card gone through? The manufacturer of nano SIM card connector tells you

2020-12-06 22:15:51

There are three common SIM cards. They are: the original card was bought by us, the size is the same as the bank card, more shelf than the ordinary card. Customer number, PUK number and other information are usually stored in the original card, which needs to be retained after the customer purchases. Our company mainly uses minisim card (25mmx15mm), Microsim card (15mmx12mm) and nanosim card. Each card has a corresponding card holder. Nano SIM card is a 4FF standard SIM card with a size of 12.3 mmx8.8 mm, which was first introduced by apple. Nanosim card is one third smaller than Microsim card, 60% smaller than ordinary SIM card and 15% thinner. The second part mainly introduces the structure of Nassim constellation;

In recent years, mobile phone card slot has gone through the development process from standard (second generation SIM) to micro SIM and nano sim. Nowadays, we rarely see smart phones still use standard SIM cards. Only white phones can be found. In 2010, the standard Sim was used by almost all mobile phones. Whether it's a smartphone, a public phone or a counterfeit phone. However, with the development of smart phones and the improvement of production technology, the requirements of SIM card selection and installation have gradually changed.

When the iPad and iPhone 4 were released in 2010, Apple also launched a new micro SIM card. Because of Apple's strong attraction in the smart phone industry, the micro SIM card quickly occupied the smart phone market, while the standard SIM card has been abandoned by more and more mobile phone manufacturers due to its small size. When the iPhone 5 was launched in 2012, the telecom SIM card connector used the new nano SIM card. Like the last one, many manufacturers are following suit, such as HTC, Nokia, Sony and so on.

From first generation SIM to nano scale sim. Mobile phone industry planning is the core driving factor of SIM card. The first generation of SIM card adopts the size of IC card, while the nano SIM card only requires the size of pin. The purpose of domestic smart card connector is to save the body space. On the contrary, the smaller body space can not accommodate the standard SIM card. The installation of SIM card is also very special. How to install the SIM card and the location of the card slot also show that mobile phone manufacturers pay little attention to the schedule.

SIM卡经历了什么样的迭代过程?Nano SIM卡座厂家告诉您


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