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Product Name: wire harness

Product model: xs-004

Detailed description: electronic single wire, single head, single end, single head tinned stranded wire,

The wire harness of Xinya or the same quality shall be used, and the plastic case of terminal shall be Hongxing or Xingtong;

Has more than 10 sets of automation equipment, 5 professional and technical personnel;

Have constant temperature and humidity storage warehouse;

It has connector, harness laboratory and complete testing equipment.

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meters, household appliances and other power or signal transmission equipment


Network optimization information:

The IC card holder kz-a02 of SATA connector needs power line and signal line, which is equivalent to that of SATA connector. They are mutually beneficial. When the SATA connector runs on the network server, in the storage industry, due to the current structural limitations, ata7pin connector only displays signals. If all normal operation of the SATA machine and equipment must be maintained, then the power cord must be provided to provide the power data signal. At present, SATA computer hard disk must have power cable and signal cable. Not only a lot of cables occupy the indoor space of the chassis, but also the brand image inside the chassis is beautiful and generous. Then the new design scheme is applied to reduce the cables inside the chassis, so as to reduce the risk of cable falling. SATA is also slightly better than PATA in transmission technology. SATA uses multiplexing, PATA uses multiplexing. Some people may misunderstand the literal meaning of kz-b02, the holder of friction integrated circuit card, in the factory that produces sim card connector. PATA should have more channels than SATA, but this is not the case, because the single data channel of SATA is not as limited as PATA.



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