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Explain the daily maintenance of smart card connector

2020-12-06 21:55:08

SIM card has always been able to maintain the required performance, but also a good means of technical support, there is a related performance is more reasonable, so by some of your appreciation, as well as some related use standards, can also be called price concessions, so after damage, or maintenance, can be very good to replace, to ensure normal use .

Because the price of SIM card is relatively cheap, it has been loved and appreciated by everyone all the time. It can also maintain a good state, a more reasonable basic state, and a better performance, so it has been well standardized and loved by everyone. Successfully create a common basic state.

There is also a reasonable form of expression, so many times, what can be guaranteed is the normal use of all, as well as some good technical costs. The same quality is the same for everyone.

The socket is easy to be damaged, so the socket should not be used in bad environment such as humidity, dust, vibration or corrosive gas. Besides, there are some special maintenance requirements for the magnetic head, one of the main parts of the socket

After cleaning the magnetic head and card holder for a period of time, the surface of the magnetic head often becomes very dirty due to the falling off of magnetic powder, dust from the manufacturer of the tray type SIM card connector or the environment. Sometimes the card holder fails. The reason is that the magnetic head is not dry and clean. For example, when playing, it is found that there is noise, low treble or light sound, which is often caused by the dust on the surface of the magnetic head, which affects the close contact between the magnetic head and the tape. Therefore, frequent cleaning of the magnetic head can not be ignored.

Explain the routine maintenance of the seat.

Because the magnetic head of the cassette tape recorder is very small, when decontaminating the magnetic head, you can only use the cotton wrapped in a small stick or bamboo stick, dip in a little absolute alcohol (ethanol) and gently wipe it. Please be careful not to use hard objects such as metal or wood paint to directly contact the magnetic head. Of course, the position, height and direction of smart card connector and recording and playing head have been strictly adjusted, so it is not allowed to play with force, otherwise it is easy to cause insufficient high volume or tone imbalance (improper magnetic declination).




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