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Network optimization information:

IC card concept: IC card (integrated circuit card), two in one SIM card connector, also known as smart card, smart card, microcircuit card or microchip card in some areas. The multi in one SIM card connector embeds the microelectronic chip into the card base conforming to the ISO7816 standard and makes it the form of card. IC card base is a new information tool after magnetic card. The commonly used bus card is a kind of IC card, which uses radio frequency technology to communicate with IC card reader. IC card and magnetic card are different. The IC card stores information through the integrated circuit inside the card, and the magnetic card records information through the magnetic force inside the card. The cost of IC card is generally higher than that of magnetic card, but its confidentiality is better.

Magnetic stripe card type:

(1) From the function of the body: A. ordinary magnetic card reader: there is no keyboard on the body; B. keyboard Reader: the body has a small keyboard, which can input passwords, etc. (2) From the reading track of magnetic card: single 1-track magnetic card reader, single 2-track magnetic card reader and single 3-track magnetic card reader; 1 & 2 double track magnetic card reader, 2 & 3 double track magnetic card reader; all three track magnetic card reader.

(3) From the connection port with computer or terminal: keyboard port, serial port, USB (with imitation keyboard port and imitation serial port), etc.




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