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Big card machine

Big card machine

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Network optimization information:

Difference between IC card and magnetic stripe card: IC card is similar to magnetic card in appearance, and the difference between IC card and magnetic card lies in different data storage media. The magnetic card stores information by changing the magnetic field of the magnetic stripe on the card, and the IC card stores data information through the EEPROM embedded in the card. Therefore, compared with the magnetic card, the IC card holder has the following advantages:

① Large storage capacity. The storage capacity of the magnetic card is about 200 digital characters. The memory capacity of external IC card holder kz-a10 ranges from several hundred characters to one million characters.

② Good security and confidentiality. The information on IC card can be read, modified and erased at will, but all of them need password.

③ IC card holders have the ability of data processing. When exchanging data with the card reader, the data can be encrypted and decrypted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the exchanged data; the magnetic card does not have this function.

④ Friction type IC card holder kz-b03 has long service life. It's safer. The price is higher than the magnetic card.

Magnetic stripe card reader: magnetic stripe card reader is used to read and write magnetic stripe information of magnetic card and passbook. Hinged SIM card connector can be widely used in finance, posts and telecommunications, commerce, transportation, customs, membership card consumption and integral consumption. The magnetic card reader is a device to read the information of the magnetic card. There are magnetic card reader, magnetic card reader, magnetic card reader, magnetic card swipe slot, magnetic card reader, magnetic card query machine / reader, etc.




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