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Bluetooth card cover

Bluetooth card cover

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  • Release date:2021-02-22 10:46:13
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Product model: wk0001

Detailed description:

New imported PC + ABS;

Good fit size, good surface finish;

Can provide surface printing, assembly, soldering, dispensing and other services;

Color options 

Scope of application

Electronic products, handheld devices and other precision shell

Scope of application

Bluetooth card terminals, water, electricity, gas meters, and other devices


Network optimization information:

Too many times, everyone has to learn IC card. I believe many people have too many impressions of roadside public telephones. So many people should know that IC card is not just a single application. In today's society, the basic operation of IC card matching with narrow IC card holders has provided too many directions. Then in the future, there will be a lot of accidents in daily life. Mobile SIM card landline needs to learn some common knowledge about IC card and friction double-layer IC card holders.

The basic function of IC card is: the RF card reader sends a set of electromagnetic waves of uniform frequency to the IC card, and there will be an IC series resonant control circuit in the card, whose frequency is exactly the same as that of the reader. Under the excitation of electromagnetic wave, LC resonance control circuit will produce resonance, so that the capacitor will generate charge; at the other end of the charge, there will be a unidirectional conduction electron pump, how much will the charge in the capacitor be sent to another capacitor for storage by SIM card connector. When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used as other control circuit to give the working voltage, the value in the transmission card or the value in the receiver card writer.


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