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Product Name: drawer type SIM card connector

Product model: kz-c06

Detailed description:

According to the general specification of IC card socket SJ / t11166-1998 and gsm11.11

Gently press the yellow button to push out the drawer type cover plate and feel good

Customers can choose the long button;

Packaging method: PVC tube packaging or tape packaging;

Scope of application

Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS, memory key management and other intelligent identification systems.



Network optimization information:

The communication interface of SIM card has the most reasonable basic conditions for everyone, and it can also maintain powerful functions in use. You may want to ask what is a SIM card. In terms of production technology, there are also cost requirements.

1. Single panel

Using single-sided PI copper clad material after the completion of the line: also can complete is a good requirement. Two out of three SIM cards are covered with a protective film. So what we always insist on is to ensure the use of the function. In addition, there are cameras in the development of mobile phones, which form a kind of soft circuit board with only a single layer of conductor, so it is widely used,

2. Ordinary double faced board

After using the double-sided PI board to coat the copper material on the double-sided circuit, the tray type SIM card connector manufacturer's down pressing smart card connector, a small smart card connector, can achieve relatively high cost technology, so it is also a good form of completion. Protective film was added on both sides.



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