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Product Name: drawer type SIM card connector

Product model: kz-c05

Detailed description:

According to the customer's special IC card size production;

Push type structure, good handle;

Scope of application

Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS, memory key management and other intelligent identification systems.



Network optimization information:

In 2018, the top ten brands of SIM Card cardholders were officially launched, as a charming member of the cardholder industry. As a kind of double-layer conductor circuit board, it is lucky to be ranked fifth for the time being. What's the use of him? SIM card connector is a product based on the connection function between SIM card and basic equipment. There are several basic SIM card interface terminals in the card holder: simclk, simrst, large card device, ground (simgnd) and card data (Simi / O or SIMDAT). Compared with the FFC cable type of SIM card holder robot, it is relatively simple, including technology, advanced scientific and technological concepts, or digital scientific and technological products, which are widely used and trusted by everyone.

The communication interface of SIM card has the most reasonable basic conditions for everyone, and it can also maintain powerful functions in use. You may want to ask what is a SIM card. In terms of production technology, there are also cost requirements.

1. Single panel.

It is a good requirement to use single-sided PI CCL after the completion of the line. Then cover with protective film. So we always insist on using the function. In addition, there are cameras in the development of mobile phones in the society. The SIM card is read by the card holder of mobile phones, forming a flexible circuit board with only a single layer of conductor, so it has a wide range of applications.

2. Ordinary double-sided board.

After using double-sided PI board to coat copper on double-sided circuit, this small smart card connector can achieve relatively high cost technology, so it is also a good form of completion. Put protective film on both sides.



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