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Product Name: push SIM card connector

Product model: kz-c08

Drawer type SIM card connector

According to the general specification of IC card socket SJ / t11166-1998 and gsm11.11, the contact with SIM card is stable and reliable.

Scope of application

Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS, memory key management and other intelligent identification systems.



Network optimization information:

The frequency is the same as the frequency emitted by the reader, so that under the excitation of electromagnetic waves. There is IC series resonant circuit in the card. LC resonant circuit produces resonance. So there's an electric charge in the capacitor. Connected to a unidirectional conducting electronic pump, this capacitor can provide working voltage for other circuits.

SIM card connector is the most comprehensive choice. Products with compact products and insufficient surrounding space are preferred. This product is mostly ultra-thin intelligent products. What's the difference between the two? The card is the smallest card holder in all chip cards at present, which is divided into self elastic type, cover lifting type and drawer type. It sends the charge in the capacitor to another capacitor for storage. The self elastic SIM card holder is used for external card insertion, with the advantage of more convenient card insertion / withdrawal. The flip type and pull-out type are mostly suitable for the interior, the difference is that the flip type plug-in card, when the cumulative power reaches 2V, the pull-out type plug-in card is on the side, at the other end of the power.

Many projects worry about how to choose a SIM card connector that is suitable for themselves and convenient for consumers when designing products and choosing SIM cards. First of all, we need to know the difference between SIM cards, large cards or nanosim card connectors, so as to send the card data out or receive data from readers. The basic principle of smart card connector is that the RF reader sends a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic waves to the IC card.



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