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Product Name: SIM card connector

Product model: kz-c04

Detailed description:

According to the general specification of IC card socket SJ / t11166-1998 and gsm11.11

The contact between spherical contact and SIM card is stable and reliable;

Scope of application

Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS, memory key management and other intelligent identification systems.



Network optimization information:

It not only ensures the integrity of the system, but also improves the work efficiency. Product function: solve the problem of customer opening or activation.

Note: This tool can only transfer large cards to small cards, which not only ensures the integrity of large cards, but also improves work efficiency. It can't read the information on cards. Gold Plated small plate to ensure good electrical performance.

Good appearance can give customers more trust.

What is the big cartoon and big card machine that manufacturers make SIM card connector? This is the name we gave him. The embodiment of practicality is very important. This tool is to solve the problem of opening or activating new customers. On this basis! There is no need to break the SIM card off the card holder. This product is SIM version! It is necessary to strengthen the embodiment of innovation and make a large card, otherwise the relevant efforts can not keep up, the SIM card does not need to be broken off from the card rack, and the use is more stable, which will certainly lead to a certain degree of business loss. Without a standard definition, we can ensure that the market develops towards the expected goal. This is the tray type SIM card manufacturers need to pay attention to in the whole process.

To sum up, is the SIM card manufacturers need to pay attention to the problems in the development, as well as the promotion of market competitiveness! Only by dealing with the core details can we keep up with the strength and solve the key problems to a great extent.



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