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Product Name: flip SIM card connector with lock

Product model: kz-c03

Detailed description:

According to the general specification of IC card socket SJ / t11166-1998 and gsm11.11

The contact between spherical contact and SIM card is stable and reliable;

Scope of application

Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS, memory key management and other intelligent identification systems.



Network optimization information:

What are the characteristics of contactless IC card holders? Here is a brief introduction of these knowledge, I hope to help you. There is no mechanical contact between the contactless smart card connector card and the reader, so it has high reliability and avoids all kinds of faults caused by the contactless reading and writing. For example, the card is rough, the fault caused by poor contact, and the dust or oil pollution caused by non card objects. In addition, there is no bare chip on the surface of the non-contact card, so there is no need to worry about the chip falling off, static breakdown, bending damage and other problems. This is not only convenient for card printing, but also improves the reliability of card use.

The operation is simple, because the contactless communication card reader can operate the card within 10cm, so users can use it very conveniently without inserting the card to dial. When using the non-contact card, there is no directional card, and the operation can be completed on the surface of the reader in any direction, which greatly improves the speed of each use.

Anti collision, non-contact card has a fast anti-collision mechanism to prevent data interference between cards, so the card reader can process multiple non-contact IC card holders at the same time, which improves the parallelism of the application and virtually improves the working speed of the system.

It can be applied to all kinds of applications. The serial number of the contactless card has been solidified by the manufacturer before leaving the factory and cannot be changed. The two-way verification mechanism is adopted between the arc-shaped SIM card holder contactless card and the reader, that is, the reader verifies the validity of the IC Card Cardholder card, and the IC Card Cardholder card also verifies the validity of the reader.



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