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Product Name: narrow smart card connector with lead out

Product model: kz-a03b

Detailed description: 58 * 33 * 6.2mm

According to the general specification of IC card socket, SJ / t11166-1998

Ball type reed contact, small grinding card

Light touch switch, good waterproof and dustproof performance;

Through the circuit board to lead the line out of the card seat, stable and reliable; and according to the customer's definition to design the circuit board

There is spring contact protection design in the card holder to prevent abnormal card insertion and wire damage to the spring

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meter, card reader, IC card lock, IC card telephone, access control, etc.


Network optimization information:

With the development of China's SIM card market, the research and development of SIM card technology and market situation have become the focus of enterprises in the industry. To understand the technology development and market situation of SIM card holders at home and abroad is very important for enterprises to improve their market competitiveness.

The SIM Card Cardholder Market Research Report collects authoritative technical data and market information of SIM Card cardholders. The data comes from the direct translation and field investigation of the Bureau of statistics, the General Administration of customs, large databases at home and abroad, and foreign periodicals. The STM cardholder Market Research Report includes the market situation of SIM cardholders, the analysis of major SIM card manufacturers and dealers at home and abroad, technical status, market trend, reliable market forecast and risk analysis of investment in the product. Based on the data of capacity, output, consumption, price, import and export of SIM card holders, combined with the technology and technology development direction of SIM card holders, the market situation, future development forecast, market competition and distribution channels of SIM card holders at home and abroad are comprehensively analyzed.

The SIM Card Cardholder Market Research Report is clear and detailed. The simple SIM card connector uses a large number of tables and charts to express market data, which provides rich information resources for the next day's feasibility study.



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