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Product Name: narrow smart card connector with lead out

Product model: kz-a03c

Detailed description: 58 * 33 * 6.2mm

According to the general specification of IC card socket, SJ / t11166-1998

With two positioning holes;

Ball type reed contact, small grinding card

Light touch switch, good waterproof and dustproof performance;

Through the circuit board to lead the line out of the card seat, stable and reliable; and according to the customer's definition to design the circuit board

There is spring contact protection design in the card holder to prevent abnormal card insertion and wire damage to the spring

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meter, card reader, IC card lock, IC card telephone, access control, etc


Network optimization information:

The reader controls the register of tda8007 through bus. The P1.5 of MCU is the movie selection of tda8007, and the Po port is the 8-bit data line with which to communicate. The external data unit of microprocessor (the definition of the following electrical program) whose registers of tda8007 are pre-defined by macro makes it easy for MCU to access. Combined with the definition and location allocation of tda8007 register, the program of using tda8007 interface chip to activate IC card and power failure is provided. There are three types of tda8007 registers. Class, general register: ① card slot select CSR; ② hardware status HSR; ③ timer tor1, tor2, tor3. The second type is ISO7816 serial processing register: ① serial state usr; ② mixed state MSR; ③ serial transmit UTR; ④ serial receive URR; ⑤ queue control FCR. Third, special registers: ① programmable frequency division PDR; ② protection time GTR; ③ serial control ucr1 and ucr2; ④ clock configuration CCR; ⑤ power control PCR. Note: the special register for the card holder in the SIM card holder, that is, the registers corresponding to card interface 1 and card interface 2.



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