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Product Name: narrow smart card connector with lead out

Product model: kz-a03b

Detailed description: 58 * 33 * 6.2mm

According to the general specification of IC card socket, SJ / t11166-1998

Ball type reed contact, small grinding card

Light touch switch, good waterproof and dustproof performance;

Through the circuit board to lead the line out of the card seat, stable and reliable; and according to the customer's definition to design the circuit board

There is spring contact protection design in the card holder to prevent abnormal card insertion and wire damage to the spring

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meter, card reader, IC card lock, IC card telephone, access control, etc

冲床 (2).jpg

Network optimization information:

Maintenance method for poor contact of toggle switch:

1. If the quality of the toggle switch is poor, simple oxidation will lead to poor contact. If the wear is not serious, it will be good to move back and forth for dozens of times. If the cutter head is seriously worn, replace it.

2. Check if the connector is not connected correctly. If so, reconnect.

3. Poor contact with the toggle switch of the lamp. Press the light switch several times to see if it can light up in standby mode. If the bulb lights up when the switch is pressed by hand, it indicates that the poor contact with the switch is generally caused by aging and poor elasticity of the internal spring of the switch. At this time, the tension spring needs to be replaced.

4. All multi band manual tuning radios have mechanical band switches (such as toggle switch and rotary switch, etc.). )In this way, the switch of SIM card connector size is easy to have poor contact, most of the manufacturers of tray type SIM card connector are not in place, unable to tune and lock the radio normally, or often deviate or have noise. The maintenance method is to fill the transfer switch with liquid lubricating oil (it can be dipped in oil after welding). If the repair effect is not good, it means that the metal part in the switch has been seriously worn and can only be replaced at this time.



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