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Product Name: narrow smart card connector

Product model: kz-a03a

Detailed description: 58 * 33 * 6.2mm

According to the general specification of IC card socket, SJ / t11166-1998

Ball type reed contact, small grinding card

The switch pin is made of copper wire, gold plated on nickel, stable and reliable contact

There is spring contact protection design in the card holder to prevent abnormal card insertion and wire damage to the spring

Has the dustproof protection door, the design obtains the national patent

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meter, card reader, IC card lock, IC card telephone, access control, etc


Network optimization information:

User consumption scale and year-on-year growth rate: by analyzing the user consumption scale and year-on-year growth rate of SIM Card Cardholder industry in China for five consecutive years, this paper judges the economic scale and growth situation of SIM Card Cardholder industry, and forecasts the growth trend of user consumption scale in the next five years. The content of this part is presented in the form of "narration + double SIM card connector data chart (column chart)".

2. Product structure: This paper classifies the products and services of SIM Card Cardholder industry from multiple perspectives, and gives the consumption scale of users and the proportion of various subdivided products and services in the industry, so as to help customers grasp the product structure of SIM Card Cardholder industry as a whole.

3. Market distribution: analyze the market distribution of SIM cardholder industry from the geographical distribution of users, consumption ability and other factors, and analyze the consumption situation of key regional markets with large consumption scale, including the consumption scale, consumption characteristics, product structure, etc. this part is presented in the form of "text narration + data chart (table, pie chart)".

4. User Research: it mainly studies the consumer behavior of users, including the product factors concerned by users, purchase frequency, purchase channel


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