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KZ-A02 Cockle mouth

KZ-A02 Cockle mouth

  • Cname:smart card connector
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  • Release date:2021-02-22 17:23:14
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Product Name: falling smart card connector

Product model: kz-a02a

Overall dimension: 58 * 52 * 6.2 mm

According to the general specification of IC card socket, SJ / t11166 - 1998

Ball type spring contact, long service life; point contact IC card chip, almost no grinding card, this contact pin design obtained the national patent

Flexible film lead out tape, data transmission is safe and reliable

With two locating holes

Scope of application

Card reader, IC card lock, gas dispenser, control terminal, terminal charging system, telecommunication, vending machine, other intelligent identification system, etc


Network optimization information:

The same market share index and competition pattern analysis are given for the segmented products and services. According to the market share and market influence, the mainstream enterprises are divided into competitive groups, and the characteristics of each competitive group are analyzed. In addition, the strategic trend and investment trend of mainstream enterprises, the investment enthusiasm of new entrants, and market entry strategies are analyzed. We can judge the changing trend of the future competition pattern of the principle industry.

Benchmarking enterprises.

The research on benchmarking enterprises has always been the core and foundation of Zhongjing vision research report. Because benchmarking enterprises are equivalent to industry research samples, the development trend of benchmarking enterprises in a certain mileage largely reflects the mainstream development trend of an industry. This report selects 5-10 large-scale and representative factories and industry benchmark enterprises producing SIM card connector for investigation, including the basic situation, product system, business data, technical advantages and development trend of each enterprise. The report can also adjust the selection quantity and method of benchmarking enterprises according to customer needs.



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