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Friction circuit diagram Nano sim card connector

2020-12-07 08:17:37

The internal structure of an equipment is very complex, and the components of equipment, household appliances and machinery are inseparable from connectors. The connectors that must be used frequently are sim card connector, SD / TF card holder, SATA connector, board to board connector, PCIe connector, USB connector, etc. This kind of connector has become an indispensable electronic part, and the performance index and specification of electronic equipment connectors are different. Lian Xingao will give you a detailed explanation. What are the key products of connector products: material control products, network receivers, TV set-top boxes, digital cameras, computer peripherals, players, cars and products near cars, UAVs, video recorders, security monitoring equipment, medical devices, etc.

The internal components of connector products are as follows:

1. The contact is the key part of the electrical printing connector. It is generally composed of positive contact and negative contact, and is electrically connected according to the insertion of male and female contacts. The front contact part is a rigid part, in which the shape is divided into cylindrical (round needle insertion), vertical or flat. The positive contact is usually made of copper and tin bronze. Female contact pad, namely socket, is an important part of touch. SIM card connector is customized, which is connected by elastic deformation caused by the elastic deformation when the extensible structure is inserted into the needle. There are many types of sockets, including barrel type, tuning fork type, cantilever type and box type.

2. Enclosure: also known as cabinet, that is, the enclosure of connector. It shows the maintenance of mechanical equipment through the insertion of insulating layer mounting plate and pin in the inner window, and shows that the power plug and socket are suitable for pointing, so as to fix the connector on the mechanical equipment.

3. Conductor and insulator: conductor and insulator are called base or mounting plate. The function of smart card connector is to classify the contacts according to the necessary parts and spacing of the lock, and ensure the dielectric strength between the contacts and the contact shell. Excellent grounding resistance, withstand voltage and easy processing performance are the basic requirements for selecting insulating materials to produce and process insulation.

摩擦式电路图Nano SIM卡座


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