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The basic of smart card connector Main uses and internal components

2020-12-07 08:21:17

The smart card connector kz-a02 needs power cable and signal cable, which is the same as the SATA connector and is mutually beneficial. When the SATA connector runs on the network server, in the storage industry, due to the structural limitations at this stage, the ata7pin connector only displays signals. If it is necessary to maintain all normal operation of the SATA machine and equipment, a power cord must be provided to provide the power data signal. At present, SATA computer hard disk must have power cable and signal cable. Not only a lot of cables occupy the smallest indoor space of SIM card connector, but also the brand image of Mimi SIM card connector is beautiful. Then the new design scheme is applied to reduce the cables inside the chassis, so as to reduce the risk of cable falling. SATA is also slightly better than PATA in transmission technology. SATA uses multiplexing, PATA uses multiplexing. Some people may misunderstand the literal meaning of friction IC card holder kz-b02. PATA should have more channels than SATA, but this is not the case, because the single data channel of SATA is not as limited as PATA. The transmission rate of SATA coaxial cable is nearly 30 times faster than PATA. PATA must transmit 16 data signals at a time on the charging line of the mobile phone. If the data signal does not arrive immediately or there is a delay time, it is not known that incorrect data information will appear. Also, another development of SATA depends on its data and information connectivity. It has smaller volume and stronger heat dissipation. It is convenient for manufacturers of self elastic SIM card connector to connect with computer hard disk. Compared with PATA, the function loss of SATA is lower, which is good news for notebook computers. In addition, the unique CRC speed of IC card makes data transmission more secure. The reliancesata connector has good touch reliability. It can be plugged into the computer hard disk at the speed of 10 times per minute for 2 hours. Moreover, the pallet type SIM card connector furniture has good heat resistance and flatness. At 260 ± 5 ℃, a part of the electric welding is melted into the furnace for 5 seconds, and the tin feeding rate reaches 99%.



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