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What is the common drawer type SIM card connector

2020-12-07 08:14:17

Now I'm afraid no one doesn't know the name of the SIM card. To put it bluntly, a SIM card is an ordinary phone card. I bought a cell phone and got a cell phone number. Then I insert the SIM card into the SIM card holder of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone can run. At present, the most commonly used is the drawer type. So what does the drawer SIM card holder do? Let's talk about it.

The first is its characteristics. The standard drawer type SIM card connector meets two standards, one is iso7816-2, the other is gsm11.11. In addition, it works like a drawer, so it is called drawer type. With the switch, you can turn it on with one click. The contact effect between SIM card and card holder is good, the volume is small, and the installation is convenient.

The second is its use. It can produce 6-pin or 8-pin according to the customer's requirements. The operation is simple, just put the card on the card holder, and then gently push the card holder. When I return the card. Just press the card key to pop up the card holder and pull out the SIM card.

The cassette tape is very easy to be damaged, so it should not be used in humid, dusty, vibration or corrosive gas environment. Moreover, the SIM card holder has some special maintenance requirements for the magnetic head, which is one of the main components of the cassette tape

Clean the head. After the cassette is used for a period of time, the magnetic powder of the tape will fall off or the dust will deposit in the environment, and the surface of the magnetic head will often become dirty due to the IC card holder. Sometimes there are some failures in the cassette tape, most of which are caused by the dirty dry head. For example, when playing sound, it is often found that there are dust and dirt on the surface of the anti-seismic SIM card connector head, which affects the close contact between the head and the tape. Therefore, frequent cleaning of the magnetic head can not be ignored.

The above is the general knowledge of drawer SIM card clip, I hope to improve for those who don't know.



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