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What do you know about smart card connector

2020-12-07 07:53:37

What do you know about IC card holders? Most of the time, you should know something about IC. I believe you have a lot of impressions of the roadside phone booth. So you should know that IC card is not a simple use in this aspect. In today's society, the use of IC card with IC card clip has involved many aspects. In this way, you will have more contact in the future, so you need to know something about IC card and IC card holder. 1450769406863565.jpg.

The working principle of IC card is: the RF reader sends a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic waves to the IC card, and there is an IC series resonant circuit, smart card connector in the card The frequency of yk812 is the same as that of the reader, so under the excitation of electromagnetic wave, the LC resonant circuit resonates, causing charge in the capacitor; at the other end of the charge, an unidirectional conducting electronic pump is connected to send the charge in the capacitor to another capacitor for storage. When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used as a power supply to provide working voltage for other circuits, transmit data in the card or receive data from the card reader.

Principle of contact IC card interface technology IC card reader should be able to read and write IC card conforming to ISO7816 standard. In IFD, IC card interface circuit is the communication channel between IC card and CPU. In order to ensure the security and reliability of communication and data exchange, the electrical signal generated by IC card interface circuit must be read from SIM card holder of mobile phone to meet the following specific requirements. The IC card interface circuit has strict timing requirements for the identification of IC card insertion and exit, that is, the activation and release of the card. If it can not meet the corresponding requirements, the IC card will not work normally; if it is serious, it will damage the IC card or the IC card reader.

In many cases, sim-08 card holder needs to know the relevant professional knowledge of IC card in the process of using, which will also increase your life experience. Also, when using encapsulation, you can pay attention to the relevant operations. Therefore, it will not cause damage to the IC card and the card because of the unknown situation.




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