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SIM card connector is increasingly integrated into daily life

2020-12-07 07:49:06

More and more people integrate into our daily life. In our daily life, we will definitely come into contact with IC card and IC card holder. For example, when we brush the bus IC card, we will come into contact with these aspects. It can be said that in our life, IC card and smart card connector are inseparable from us, but how much can we know? This problem requires us to analyze the internal structure of smart card connector.

The inner part of the integrated circuit card holder is made of ultra-thin grinding type, and then the chip is welded. The ITT SIM card connector adopts gold plating process, which can plate wear-resistant gold on nickel and automatic assembly line contacts, so as to have high quality. At the same time, the physical and chemical properties of smart card connector are stable and resistant to wiping. The larger times of plugging and plugging will basically exceed 100000 times. Moreover, the design of smart card connector inner spring is scientific and reasonable, and it is processed by imported automatic punch, with high precision, neat contact arrangement, strong elasticity, uniform balance and consistent handle. The built-in spring protection device is set in the smart card connector, which can prevent the damage of metal wire, bamboo stick and other foreign matters to a great extent. Through the reasonable structural adjustment, the bayonet can be smooth and smooth, and the big talk can be realized. The normally open and normally closed switch can be selected, and the normally open type is recommended.

These are the experiences that we need to constantly explore and understand in our daily life. With the development of IC card, economy is also developing. I think better IC card will make our life more convenient.

What do you know about IC card? In most cases, you should know something about IC. I believe you also have a lot of impression on the telephone booth on the roadside. Then you should know that IC card is not only used in this aspect. In today's society, the use of smart card connector with IC card has involved many aspects. Therefore, we will contact more IC cards and IC card holders in the future lifting process, and we need to know more about them.




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