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Brief introduction of nano SIM card connector

2020-12-07 07:55:49

Introduction to the knowledge of IC Card cardholders: in our daily life, we will definitely know about IC Card cardholders. For example, if we swipe the bus IC card, we will be exposed to these aspects. It can be said that IC cards and IC card holders are inseparable from us in our life, but how much do we know about them? This requires us to analyze the internal structure of the company.

First, the smart card connector is made into ultra-thin friction type, and then the chip is welded. The use of gold plating technology can make the nickel of automatic assembly line contact plated with wear-resistant gold with good quality. The physical and chemical properties of smart card connector are stable and wear-resistant. The number of large plug-ins is basically higher than 100000. Moreover, the internal reed design is scientific and reasonable. It is processed by imported automatic stamping machine, with high precision, uniform contact arrangement, strong elasticity and uniform handle. The smart card connector has a built-in spring protection device, which can largely prevent the damage of iron wire, bamboo stick and other foreign matters. The factory that produces SIM card connector can greatly increase the smoothness of the bayonet through reasonable structural adjustment. The switch is normally open and normally closed. It is recommended to use SIM card holder normally open type.

This requires us to discover and understand according to our daily life experience. The development of IC card holders is also accompanied by the continuous development of economy. I believe that a better IC card holder will make our life more convenient.

Nano SIM卡座知识的简单介绍



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