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Design of GPRS wireless communication system based on smart card connector

2020-12-07 07:35:12

In recent years, the rapid development of SIM card connector communication technology and network technology, especially the development of wireless communication technology, further improves the degree of automation of the power system. After the emergence of GSM network, technicians immediately embed GSM module into various instruments (such as multi-function meter, fault meter, copy system and power load monitoring)

GPRS is a new data carrying service developed in GSM system. It supports TCP / IP protocol and can directly communicate with packet data network (Internet, etc.). GPRS wireless transmission system has a wide range of applications, covering almost all low and medium traffic and low-speed data transmission, especially suitable for burst small traffic data transmission services.

The GPRS wireless communication module designed in this paper is embedded with TCP / IP protocol. The price of smart card connector is industrial grade GPRS module. It is suitable for single chip microcomputer data acquisition and transmission system. There is no TCP / IP protocol stack, but serial communication is used.

GPRS communication principle and application characteristics.

Introduction to GPRS.

GPRS is the abbreviation of general wireless packet service. It is a communication technology between the second generation and the third generation. It is usually called 2.5g.gprs. It adopts the same frequency band, frequency band width, burst structure, wireless modulation standard, smart card connector type frequency band rules and the same td-ma frame structure as GSM. Therefore, when building GPRS system on the basis of GSM system, most parts of GSM system do not need to change hardware, only need to upgrade software. With GPRS, the call building time of users will be greatly shortened, and they can be online almost forever. In addition, GPRS charges not based on the amount of data transmitted by operators, but on the connection time, so the service cost of all users is very low.




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