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Default values and operating instructions of standard two in one SIM card connector

2020-12-07 07:32:44

Default values and operating instructions of standard two in one SIM card holder:

1. Adopt folding double-layer type, small volume, save space. Adopt international standard card holder.

Integrated circuit card and ISO7816 standard card.

There are four marbles and plastic shrapnel on the bracket.

Friction type, more than 150000 times of plugging. (save space for one SIM card holder);

2. Plug and pull in the same direction, easy to operate;

3. Stable performance,

Poor contact between SIM card clip and SIM card. Carefully observe the characteristics of smart card connector, and consider the fault caused by the structure of notebook SIM card connector. Some cards and mobile phone connection structure is too complex, or elastic contact depression oxidation, will cause poor contact failure.

Welding conditions of SIM card clip and base plate:

Manual welding of upright smart card connector: below 30 watts: less than 3 seconds for sinking plate SIM card connector below 350 ℃ or less than 5 seconds for sinking plate SIM card connector below 270 ℃.

Reflow soldering: 265 ℃ for 30 seconds.

Wave soldering: 10 seconds 260 ℃.

Auxiliary welding conditions:

There is no protection design in the product structure, and water-soluble flux should be avoided when replacing SIM card connector with big smart card connector;

The SIM card connector is a chip package. Do not apply pressure on the terminal before welding to avoid looseness, deformation and poor electrical characteristics of solder joint;

After the welding temperature returns to normal, please carry out two reflow operations;

Avoid flux flowing into the restricted area and causing defects;

It is forbidden to run the combined product beyond the preset fixed force value.




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