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Battery box 05

Battery box 05

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  • Release date:2021-02-22 10:28:03
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Product Name: battery box components

Product model: dch-05

Detail description: chip

Meet the requirements of State Grid appearance and color difference;

The welding plate structure is adopted, and the contact is stable and reliable;

The battery cover and the battery box are welded by ultrasonic, which has good waterproof and anti-corrosion performance;

Socket two pin

Scope of application

State Grid watt hour meter


Network optimization information:

With the development of science and technology, intelligent automation from the electrical age to now the revolutionary rise, such as: mobile phone from the keyboard into the touch screen. Even if the number key on the phone is cancelled. But the touch switch on the phone must still exist, the power button. Irreplaceable touch switch. Nowadays, people are more and more dependent on the Internet and electrical appliances. Even customized SIM card holder, more appliances use touch screen to show high-end intelligence. But the switch of internal structure is indispensable. Because the mobility of the touch switch is very high. Although it's just a nail sized switch, the manufacturing process is very complicated. First of all, there are many problems in material selection. Material selection is not only for low cost, but also for durability. Generally, it has certain resistance to moisture-proof, heat proof and other environmental factors. Once the touch switch can not select the material correctly, it will bring great trouble to the later daily use process. Because the internal circuit structure of smart appliances is very complex, even professionals are very complex in unpacking and maintenance, so the customization of SIM card holder now avoids frequent unpacking and maintenance. More and more professionals remind manufacturers in the touch switch that they need to maintain good quality at the beginning of material selection, which will bring great convenience to future manufacturers.


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