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Product Name: wire harness

Product model: xs-001

Detailed description: flat wire, double head tinned stranded wire

The wire harness of Xinya or the same quality shall be used, and the plastic case of terminal shall be Hongxing or Xingtong;

Has more than 10 sets of automation equipment, 5 professional and technical personnel;

Have constant temperature and humidity storage warehouse;

It has connector, harness laboratory and complete testing equipment.

Scope of application

Water, electricity, gas meters, household appliances and other power or signal transmission equipment


Network optimization information:

Since 1980s, this specification technology has been used in desktop system software as a popular internal storage interconnection technology. Because the application industry is very common and takes a long time, perfect technology can produce large-scale integrated manufacturing with large space, low cost and rapid development of self elastic SIM card holder manufacturers.

Because it hasn't been replaced for a long time, this IDE interface hard disk seems to be a bit behind in data and information transmission. Professional production of SIM card holder, because now the popular PATA hard disk can only be applied to ATA / 100 and ATA / 133 two kinds of data transmission standards, the transmission speed is only 100MB or 133mb per second, can only consider the current stage of the general situation of large space hard disk data transmission. In addition, the 80 pin mobile phone charging line used by the manufacturer of tray type SIM card holder is messy in the main box, which will hinder the gas flow in the main box, and the dual card SIM card holder of mobile phone will endanger the heat dissipation of the system software. Although the disadvantages are obvious, for some old customers, because the original computer motherboard service platform is not compatible with the SATA interface, they still choose the PATA large space hard disk with IDE interface. Some customers think that this kind of hard disk is technically perfect and stable, so they also choose this kind of PATA hard disk.



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