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Egg beater accessories

Egg beater accessories

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Network optimization information:

In the whole process of production and processing of high-quality, SIM card holder characteristics good board to board connector, whether it is 0.5 spacing or 0.8 spacing, the detection stage of board to board connector is essential. Here, Lian Xin will introduce the detection of board to board connector in detail. I hope you can have a deeper understanding of board to board connector according to your detailed introduction.

1. When the card holder manufacturer's board to board connector works, the amount of current causes heat at the point contact, so it is generally felt that the working temperature should be equal to the sum of the working temperature and the contact temperature rise, which requires that the board to board connector is allowed to heat at the rated working current.

2. When the corrosion-resistant connector is in a humid and salty working environment, the hot-air gun removing the metal surface treatment layer of the SIM card base metal structure and contact parts may cause thermoelectric corrosion, which endangers the physical application of the board to board connector and the characteristics of electrical equipment.

3. The invasion of water and moisture will damage the dielectric strength of the connection and rust the metal parts. The standard of stable cold and humidity experiment is air humidity 90% ~ 95%, temperature + 40 ± 20 ℃. The experiment time is according to the requirements of commodity, and the requirement of alternate cold and humidity experiment is higher.



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