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Battery box 03

Battery box 03

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  • Release date:2021-02-22 10:30:51
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Product Name: battery box components

Product model: dch-03

Detailed description: plug in

Meet the requirements of State Grid appearance and color difference;

It adopts the opposite plug structure, which makes the contact stable and reliable;

The socket has 2 pins and 3 pins for customers to choose;

Scope of application

State Grid watt hour meter


Network optimization information:

Basic characteristics of SIM cardholders:

1. Plastic color: gray black.

2. Rated voltage: 0.5A, rated current: 50VDC.

3. Working temperature: it can be used in natural environment from - 25 ℃ to 85 ℃.

Electrical equipment characteristics:

1. Touch characteristic impedance: measured at 1kHz and small current, the larger characteristic impedance of welding Meizu SIM card holder is 40 micro ohm.

2. Characteristic impedance of insulation layer: test with 100-250 V DC working voltage for 1 minute, and the minimum characteristic impedance is 100 megohm.

3. Withstand working voltage: AC250V is applied between terminals without any penetration.

physical property.

1. Insertion force and pull-out force: the waterproofsmart card connector  inserts and pulls out the fixture at the speed of 25 mm / min, and the larger insertion force is 8N.

2. Compressive strength of terminal: pull out the terminal horizontally, and the maintenance force of single pin shall be at least 2n.

3. Performance test: the terminal circuit resistance is 100 milliohm, the plugging rate is 10 times / min, and the plugging can be 10000 times. "



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