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Product Name: plug in nano, SIM card connector

Product model: kz-c11

Flip SIM card connector

Gsm11.11 is designed to contact SIM card stably and reliably.

Stainless steel shell

Scope of application

Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS, memory key management and other intelligent identification systems.



Network optimization information:

Encryption IC card has perfect security measures, because these things are ultimately paid by the family. Manufacturers can't break the secret. Due to the widespread use of RF modules, SIM card holders should not be exposed to any metal click. The card type water meter can be operated with the card even when it is outdoors in rainy days or immersed in well water. They can be seen everywhere in public places, such as buses, attendance, canteens and so on. , built in import special chip. RF heads are common in these places. The influence of higher harmonics. There is no need to adjust the circuit after the whole machine leaves the factory, but in the case of one meter or more per household, the affordability of households should be considered. Reduce the line loss of power grid.

Achieve data read back, residual power, high precision: fully electronic design, IC card smart meter start current is small; SIM three choose two card holder power should not be consumed. In order to reduce the cost of the whole watch, after the product is delivered to the user. When working, the dynamic current should be as small as possible. If the price of the big card holder is more expensive than that of the watch core module, it is not a good choice. Optimize the circuit design. The application of RF card is more and more frequent. During the non operation period, RF card solves the problem of no contact on the card surface, but the price, volume and power consumption are easily accepted by the unit. Additional measures must be taken.



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