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Product Name: SMT smart card connector

Product model: kz-a01-b

Overall dimension: 56 * 31 * 3.6 mm

SMT smart card connector

According to the general specification of IC card socket, SJ / t11166-1998

Ball type reed contact, small grinding card

Film touch switch, stable and reliable contact

High temperature resistance, can be reflow soldering

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Network optimization information:

Flip the switch, we may not be familiar with it. In fact, the TV and radio in our car use toggle switches. A friend on the Internet asked the reason for the poor contact of the switch and how to repair it. The chief editor also read the materials and introduced the causes and maintenance methods of poor contact of toggle switch.

1、 Causes of poor contact of toggle switch.

External reasons include:

1. The switch is in poor contact and the circuit is blocked.

2. Poor circuit contact (loose or oxidized lamp port wiring).

3. The power switch is not turned off, and the SIM card connector line is not powered.

Internal reasons include:

1. The filament is disconnected due to excessive vibration.

2. Insufficient welding height, impurities in lamp cap or poor contact of shrapnel in lamp port.

3. Welding of lamp head lead.

2、 Maintenance method for poor contact of toggle switch:

1. If the quality of the toggle switch is poor, it is easy to oxidize and have poor contact. If the smart card connector interface is not seriously worn, it can be rotated back and forth for dozens of times. If the cutter head is seriously worn, replace it.

2. Check whether the connector is connected incorrectly. If so, connect again.



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