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SIM card connector is recognized by businesses

2020-12-07 08:09:42

SIM Card cardholders have been able to maintain the required performance, a good means of technical support, and a relatively reasonable related performance, so they have won some praise from everyone, as well as some relevant use standards. What can be called is the preferential price, so if it is destroyed or repaired, it can be replaced well to ensure normal use.

SIM card holder has always been loved and appreciated by everyone because of its relatively low price. It is also able to maintain a good requirement, have a relatively reasonable and perfect basic state, and show continuous progress, so it has always been a good standard, loved by everyone. Public base state created successfully.

There is also a reasonable form of expression, so in many cases, what can be guaranteed is that we can ensure good use and some good technical costs in the normal operation. Meeting everyone's requirements is also a constant quality. With the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the social demand of choosing the advanced recording studio of tray type SIM card connector manufacturer as recording and audio playback equipment is more and more intense. In the J5 IC card stand, we don't talk about the principle and use of the traditional cassette recorder, but focus on the new functions and new technologies of the new recording equipment.

Because of its small size, cassette tape recorders often adopt the design of two heads, that is, erasing head, recording / playback combined head, guide wheel and clamping wheel are installed on a sliding plate in turn. Although this design takes space constraints into account, it will cause the following two problems:

First of all, the gap of the recording head is generally 0.01mm, while the flap SIM card The gap of the playback head of the connector is much smaller, generally 0.0005mm. Now the combined head is used for recording and playback at the same time. The gap of the head can only take a certain intermediate value, such as 0.002mm. Such a compromise data can not generate enough external magnetic field and enough magnetic permeability of the magnetic tape during recording, which makes the recording effect unstable. However, due to the low speed of the tape during playback, the gap is large, The high frequency response is limited, which affects the frequency response width of playback, especially makes the high frequency response worse.




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