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Introduction of IC card and smart card connector

2020-12-07 07:41:25

The SIM card connector and SD card holder should be able to meet the needs of extensive use of SIM card, connection between SIM card and system and information exchange. SJ / t11166 is used to specify the structure, overall dimensions, performance requirements and test seriousness. The version standard is quoted to formulate and implement the detailed specifications that meet the requirements. The smart card connector socket makes the SIM card connector and SD card socket meet the standard requirements.

1、 Introduction.

SIM card (subscriber identity model) is also called smart card. Smart card connector of gas dispenser is a kind of user identity card, which must be installed on GSM mobile phone to use. It ensures the normal communication of users reliably and prevents eavesdropping on parallel connection and communication. At present, China Unicom and China Mobile have issued SIM cards for mobile phone users. In the POS terminal of the bank, SIM card is also widely used. Therefore, a large number of SIM cards have been developed.

SD card is a storage device based on semiconductor flash memory. SD card is widely used in mobile phones, MP3 players, Walkman players, digital cameras, digital cameras, laptops and other devices because of its small size, light weight, large storage capacity, fast data transmission speed, flexible movement, data security, structural integration, and no fear of mechanical damage.

SIM card connector and SD card holder must meet the requirements of SIM, SD card and system connection and information exchange. Smart card connector size according to the set top box smart card connector product standard requirements, the enterprise SIM card connector, SD card holder specification.

2、 Applicable general specifications.

According to SJ / t11166 "general specification for integrated circuit (IC card) socket", the IC card which is suitable for the socket must comply with the definition of GB / t16649 "IC card identification contactor" (ISO7816). Since SIM card is such a card, SJ / t11166 is a general specification applicable to SIM card.

Although SD card holder is not the socket of identification card, it is similar to SIM card connector in structure and smart card connector in supplier's role, but the interface size and technical requirements are different. SJ / t11166 can be used as the general specification.

3、 Structural dimensions.

Its structure size includes interface size and overall size, and any socket must be standardized. The contact position and size of this product meet the requirements of GB / t16649.2. The contact position and contact orientation of corresponding socket contacts are specified in SJ / t11166. According to the actual size of the SIM card, we specify the contact point position and contact surface range.




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